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NGOs, like any other organization has the same basic challenge: in order to do things and create value for beneficiaries, it needs resources. Those resources can take different forms. As a non-profit organization, our Financial model is mainly based on grant programs, although we would like to develop more alternative financing.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional grant programmes, we are striving for diversifying our financial resources and attract more contributions from private sector. The generosity and continue dedication to our work is deeply appreciated. Our partnership entails more than a simple donation, it is a Win -Win solution: Supporting us to diversify our projects and to ensure our financial sustainability.

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RECP was defined as the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to communities and the environment.

RECP contributes to:
-Resource efficiency - trough optimization of the productive use of natural resources (materials, energy, water) at all production stages;
-Waste Minimization - minimization of the adverse impact of production systems on environment and nature through reduction of wastes and emission
-People’s well-being - minimization of risks to people and communities and enable their development

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Globally, strengthening data and information that facilitates adoption of methods and practices towards sustainable production and consumption is now recognized as a key factor in achieving progress. Facilitating free access to quality data and information for companies, institutions, partners and other organisations is a great benefit for our community.

The DATAHUB is our documentary platform facilitating the access to information for all those interested in the topics we address. Within the platform, you have a wide range of manuals, reports and studies presenting statistical data, methods, best practices and working tools relate to topics such as resource efficiency (materials, water, energy), eco-innovation, chemicals management, waste management, life cycle assessment, eco-design and other.

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Protecting the environment and nature is essential for a sustainable business development

Aida Szilagyi - CEO

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union
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