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RECPnet is the global network for promoting the widespread adaptation and adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production in developing and transition economies. As patron agencies, UNIDO and UNEP, provide support for RECP net through their joint RECP Programme.

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Businesses around the world are more and more involved in eco innovative practices that are helping them to enhance competitiveness, reduce the pressure on the environment and risks coming from their operations and products, build trust and attract new markets.

news & events

Conferences, training courses and other complex activities supported and promoted by our organization.
We invite you to browse through the latest part of our work. We'll keep you connected to the latest news from sustainability and maintaining our commitment.

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fundraising & partners

Individual donations - your contributions are appreciated, if the NCSPC’S mission, goals and activities are inspiring for you.
Please contact us for the necessary details and procedure to follow.

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projects & work

NCSPC’s projects are developed and implemented with passion and professionalism for our business partners, public institutions, and society.

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